Cybersecurity Travel Checklist

Cybersecurity Travel Checklist


A much-needed break from reality and the mundane. To ensure total relaxation you want your technology to enhance your experience, not detract from it.

Check out our checklist for some simple tips to keep you selfie-ready and secure while travelling.

  1. Check your apps
    Before you leave home download any apps you may need for the trip, this ensures you have adequate security and reception rather than waiting till the last minute to download it at the airport.

    Some of the apps you may want to download or update before your trip:

    • Airline app
    • Public transport app
    • Hotel app
    • Theme park app
    • Camping ground app
    • Weather app
    • City tourism app
  2. Check cords and adapters
    A charger is the easiest thing to forget dangling in a plug socket in some foreign place. Remember to take your chargers and adapters with you and remember to bring them home too!
  3. Check power
    Check your devices are charged before leaving home and take a small charging battery with you just in case. Having extra battery life helps to avoid potential juice-hacking ports - fake or compromised public USB charging ports which hackers use to steal your data when you plug in.
  4. Check your mobile plan
    This is especially important if you are travelling overseas. Mobile providers can add international capability but it may cost more so be aware. An alternative is to set up a VoIP app you can use with your contacts while you’re traveling. These enable both calls and SMS, but you do need an internet connection.
  5. Check or add a VPN
    Free wi-fi is great, but it can also be dangerous. Rather use your mobile carrier connection or a virtual private network (VPN) – they are inexpensive and keep your data encrypted even if you’re on public wi-fi.
  6. Check your backup
    10% of all laptop thefts happen in airports and mobile phones are an easy thing to lose or have stolen when you’re juggling bags, tickets and passports or drinking in the sights somewhere scenic. Don’t lose your data with your device! Back up your devices to the cloud or local storage before you travel. You will also then be free to enact a remote ‘wipe my device’ command if necessary.
  7. Check your device security

    If these are up to date then you can think less about security and more about snickertini cocktails!

    • Antivirus/anti-malware
    • DNS filtering
    • Screen lock with passcode
    • Sharing features turned off
    • VPN application
    • Find-My-Device feature turned on
  8. Know where your devices are
    Make a mental note or ask your travel partners to help you remember to take your devices with you when in transit or leaving them in a secure place if that’s not possible.

Now, go! Have fun! See incredible things, make memories and as always, if you need help with getting any of these security checks implemented, please reach out!