Everything is better with layers

Everything is better with layers

And no, unfortunately we’re not talking about cake.

As most of us are aware the cybersecurity landscape has changed drastically in the last few years. There has been an exponential rise in cybercrime with recent studies showing Americans are now more fearful of a cyberattacks than they are of nuclear war!

Locally, “from 2020-2021, cybercrime was on the rise, with nearly 13% more cases. (ACSC-Australian Government Cyber Security Centre)
This equates to one cyberattack every 8 minutes compared to one every 10 minutes in 2019.” *

Not long ago, many small to medium-sized companies didn’t worry much about their cybersecurity posture.

This can no longer be the case.

“In 2021 businesses lost $2.4 billion to BEC (business email compromise) - more than one-third of the total cybercrime losses for the year. Followed by ransomware at $50m.

B2B payments fraud is on the rise in 2023 with more than 70% of companies experiencing fraud attacks.

Since the pandemic cybercriminals have taken advantage of remote working employees by sending an email that appears to come from a known source like their manager or CFO.

This type of technique can be tricky to spot however business owners/managers should look to improve their security awareness training” * as an added layer of security.

In this treacherous landscape, antivirus and a firewall alone just aren’t enough to keep operational data and your or your clients’ confidential information secure.

So, what can your business do about it?

The next generation of cybersecurity is a multilayered approach, protecting your systems and data at each level of your IT environment.

Here are 5 things to consider when assessing your cybersecurity strategy:

  • How are you securing the data and workflow of WFH (work from home) employees?
  • Do ALL employees currently have access to EVERYTHING on your network?
  • Are you running any unlicensed or out-of-date applications?
  • Do you know the security posture of all the online storage or web-based apps your employees are using?
  • Are the smart devices (security, heating/cooling, lighting, speakers, printers etc.) in your office locked down?

Multilayered cybersecurity is an IT security strategy that proactively works to secure each part of your IT systems that could be used as an access point.

Having a cybersecurity partner who understands this has become more important than ever.

Symsafe can help you determine the IT security elements you need for your workflow. To do this, we conduct a strategic analysis of your current state, identify critical gaps and provide you with a roadmap to a more assertive IT security stance.

Symsafe is here to make securing your business a piece of cake!

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