Will IT support be replaced by AI?

Will IT support be replaced by AI?

All this talk of AI can make your mind go haywire

With headlines like ‘Don’t bring children into this AI world’ and the fact that I have just watched an online news report hosted by a very life-like AI-generated newscaster it makes one wonder, where to next?

Doctors are using AI to assist with speedy diagnoses, the picture at the top of this article was created with AI. In the words of the jealous girlfriend in The Sound of Music, ‘my dear, is there anything you can’t do?!’

As we are all being made acutely aware, AI is extremely useful and can often do things better than we can. It is also tremendously exciting and the possibilities it holds for the future of many industries is breath-taking. Every day we can accomplish more in our business because of the assistance of AI.

Perhaps with these advances in technology, us lowly humans will have more time to spend doing what humans do best; building friendships, caring for each other, bonding with our children or feeding our creative curiosity. This remains to be seen.

Yes, AI is amazing and useful, but wouldn’t you rather be sharing your company’s vision and planning your IT infrastructure growth with a Managed Service Provider who will go out of their way to help you because they care?

Our exceptional IT support team is of the flesh and blood variety so chat to one of our human team members today!


Whatever the future of AI holds, these giant leaps in technology are still a work in progress and we will keep watching this space with avid interest.

Chess grandmaster, Garry Kasparov said “AI will force us to be more human”

PS. This article was written by a real life human.