What is MDR?

What is MDR?


⏳ The short answer

Managed Detection and Response is the next step in protecting your operational productivity.

😑 Bad news

Studies predict the cost of cybercrime will hit $9.2 trillion and skyrocket 70% to a global cost of $13.8 trillion by 2028.*

Cybercriminals are now targeting small to mid-size organisations at scale.

😯 More bad news

Traditional security measures such as firewalls and antivirus software are not sufficient in protecting organisations against advanced cyber threats anymore. These measures that companies once relied on to keep the bad guys out, no longer offer the same level of protection.

😊 And now...good news

Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service uses proprietary artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms along with 24x7 security experts helping to identify, detect, analyse, and prioritise anomalous behavior across your systems in real-time.

MDR is the next step in protecting your operational data, productivity, and profitability.

Here are some key advantages of our MDR service:

  • One-touch compliance reporting - The regulatory landscape is constantly shifting, but our MDR live reporting is designed to help you remain compliant. Snapshot reports, framework verification, and executive reports reduce uncertainty and streamline your compliance efforts.
  • Protection against privilege abuse and account takeover - Our MDR protective protocols use artificial intelligence to detect known and unknown threats—specifically when determining an insider threat, account takeover, and privilege abuse or misuse.
  • Detection of threat actors that may already be in your environment – MDR uses a multi-layered security approach that allows us to spot and stop cybercriminals before they access critical systems or data.
  • Darknet exposure monitoring - Far too many cyberattacks rely on stolen credentials. Sales of login credentials are big business on the dark web. Identifying darknet compromise before your own data is used against you can make the difference between a minor nuisance and a major incident. MDR’s built-in darknet exposure monitoring helps find your compromised credentials before they fall into the wrong hands.

Our MDR service includes:

  • Security Operations Center to protect your business 24x7
  • World-class analytics
  • Compliance reporting
  • Integrated threat intelligence
  • 24x7 search for leaked accounts on the deep and dark web

Step up from less effective legacy antivirus and firewall solutions. Monitor and defend your networks locally, in the cloud, and globally with MDR —the next step in cybersecurity.

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*Source: Annual Cybercrime Cost to Jump by 70% and hit $13.8 Trillion by 2028 - Global Security Mag Online – accessed 2024-03-11