VoIP/Unified Communications

Enhance and streamline communication between employees and customers

We’ll help you choose, install, and manage an internet-powered telephony system so you can ditch the phone company.

You wouldn’t work on a typewriter at the office, so why rely on hundred-year-old technology for communication? Legacy phone lines offer poor-quality audio and still incur high fees from the phone company. Going without a phone line may seem like too big of a leap, but Symsafe will set you up with an internet-powered VoIP communication system that is superior in every conceivable way.

Symsafe’s proprietary SymBOX VoIP solution provides crystal-clear call quality for a fraction of what the phone company charges. Additionally, SymBOX has advanced features like PC-integrated dashboard, email on missed call, customer call management, and many more. Better still, there are no maintenance or upgrade fees.

With Symsafe’s SymBOX, you’ll foster better collaboration between employees and improve customer experiences all while saving money.

The many features of Symsafe’s SymBOX include:

  • Automatic Call Routing
  • Voicemail to Email Transfers
  • Easy Conference Calling
  • Compatibility with Any Device
  • Customisable Service Plans
  • Microsoft Teams
  • 3CX
  • Yealink