Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

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Ensure your business can survive anything life throws at it

We’ll implement robust, automated backup systems and detailed recovery protocols to get you back in business fast after an emergency.

With Backup and Disaster Recovery Services from Symsafe, you can:

  • Work without disruption as our backup programs quietly replicate your data
  • Protect vital customer data and avoid government fines and loss of reputation
  • Minimise downtime and loss of productivity no matter what befalls your business
  • Sleep like a baby knowing you are completely covered

Our complete coverage of your IT will fortify your business against any disaster, so you can rest easy knowing nothing can keep you down.

Fires, floods, hardware failure, sabotage; all of these disasters have the potential to cost you tens of thousands or more in lost revenue and compliance fines. While there isn’t much you can do to prevent these calamities, the good news is there are ways to prepare your systems for disaster, and Symsafe will help you do it.

Symsafe’s technicians will set up automated data backup programs onto your systems so that your critical data is securely and unobtrusively replicated and stored off site. Your data will be tested for integrity regularly and, after disaster strikes, our recovery planning services will get you back up and running in minutes to hours instead of days or weeks.

  • Office 365
  • ESET
  • Microsoft Silver
  • Microsoft Dynamics