Interactive Smart Screens

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Impress clients and make meetings more productive with an internet-powered presentation touchscreen

We’ll help you procure, install, and maintain a MAXHUB Ultimate Screen, the 21st century’s solution to the boring old whiteboard.

The many features of a MAXHUB Ultimate Series Interactive Smart Screen include:

  • Powerful Core i7 processors and 16 GB of RAM
  • Thin, 4K screens that can be customized for size up to 98 inches
  • Built-in 12 MP camera and 8m range microphone to pick up the whole room
  • Accurate, responsive, and pressure-sensitive touchscreen
  • Full range of accessories including touch pens, mobile stands, and screen sharing device

Bring your meeting space into the digital age by increasing meeting productivity and engagement with a MAXHUB Interactive Smart Screen.

Like many other business owners, you’ve likely looked at your old, stained, and obsolete meeting room whiteboard and thought, “Why do we still use this thing?” The business tech industry has improved productivity by connecting everything from phones to security systems to thermostats to the internet, and now presentation surfaces are following suit. Symsafe realizes the potential of this technology and has partnered with MAXHUB to bring it to our clients.

With a MAXHUB interactive smart screen in your meeting room, you can connect your mobile devices to control and share to the screen. You can draw and write on the screen with a touch pen, and divide the screen into sections containing video, images, or anything else your meeting requires. No longer will your employees dread attending a boring or slow meeting, and visitors will be impressed with your cutting-edge productivity technology.

  • Microsoft Teams
  • 3CX