VoIP/Unified Communications

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Enhance and streamline communication between employees and customers

We’ll help you choose, install, and manage an internet-powered telephony system so you can ditch the phone company.

The many features of Symsafe’s SymBOX include:

  • Automatic Call Routing
  • Voicemail to Email Transfers
  • Easy Conference Calling
  • Compatibility with Any Device
  • Customisable Service Plans

With Symsafe’s SymBOX, you’ll foster better collaboration between employees and improve customer experiences all while saving money.

You wouldn’t work on a typewriter at the office, so why rely on hundred-year-old technology for communication? Legacy phone lines offer poor-quality audio and still incur high fees from the phone company. Going without a phone line may seem like too big of a leap, but Symsafe will set you up with an internet-powered VoIP communication system that is superior in every conceivable way.

Symsafe’s proprietary SymBOX VoIP solution provides crystal-clear call quality for a fraction of what the phone company charges. Additionally, SymBOX has advanced features like PC-integrated dashboard, email on missed call, customer call management, and many more. Better still, there are no maintenance or upgrade fees.

  • Microsoft Teams
  • 3CX
  • Yealink