What is Penetration Testing?

What is Penetration Testing?

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing exposes the risks that exist within your business' digital environment, BEFORE they become a vulnerability.

Why do I need Penetration Testing services? ?

83% of organisations had more than 1 data breach in 2022.

Globally, cyber attacks increased by 38% from 2021 to 2022. ?

In 2023 the global average cost of a data breach is over $7 million (USD 4.45m)

The average cost of business disruption after a breach is over $2m (USD 1.3m) in 2023.

Mitigate potential risks before they occur.

Organisations cannot afford to experience a breach. ? ? ? Besides the financial losses, there are also the issues of a damaged reputation and being socially responsible with your customer's sensitive information.

In Australia, APRA registered companies are required to perform regular Penetration Testing and any company who holds digital information would be very wise to follow suit.

How is a Penetration test performed?

Symsafe utilises Symtest, a sophisticated, full-scale, network penetration testing service. ? We help organisations simplify the process of identifying new threats within their environment on an on-going basis.

Tests can be performed at any time, with any frequency and provide real-time reports, preliminary findings, notifications and more. ?

Reach out and we can chat through your company's penetration testing requirements.

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