Top Cybersecurity Tips

Top Cybersecurity Tips

October was Cybersecurity Awareness Month and these are some of the great tips we found to help to keep you safer when operating online.

Here they are:

Tip 1: Use strong passwords that mix 1etters, num3ers & $ymbols, spaces & random phrases, at least 12 characters

- 24 billion passwords were exposed by hackers in 2022

- More than 80% of breaches relate to stolen, lost or reused passwords

Tip 2: Check for updates regularly to patch security flaws amd fix crashes & bugs

Tip 3: Enable MFA (Multi-factor Authentication)

-Microsoft says 99.9% of password based threats can be prevented with MFA

Tip 4: Don't use public Wi-Fi - this can leave your personal information vulnerable

Tip 5: Implement an incident response plan to mitigate damage in the event of a breach

Tip 6: Safeguard your online presence, regularly review privacy settings.

Tip 7: Use USB drives safely - these can carry malware that can compromise your system

Tip 8: Shred it, don't spread it - Safely dispose of old/unwanted data by shredding paper & securely wiping old devices & storage media

Tip 9: Choose new vendors carefully ensuring they have robust cybersecurity practices.

Tip 10: Secure physical assets - carefully controlling who has access to your equipment and servers

Tip 11: Monitor bank accounts/statements & immediately report any discrepancies

Tip 12: Email attachment safety - think twice about opening attachments especially if they are not expected

Tip 13: Beware of public charging stations as these can contain malware, if absolutely necessary rather turn your device off before connecting

Tip 14: Secure your business' guest Wi-Fi - Isolate it from your main network and set usage limits to enhance security.

Tip 15: Use a reliable password manager to remember all those awesome super secure (and super long!) passwords you have created

Tip 16: Enhance your security by installing anti-virus and anti-malware on your devices

Tip 17: Use the SLAM method when evaluating potential malicious emails - Sender / Links / Attachments / Message

Tip 18: Train your employees in cybersecurity to further secure your business

Tip 19: Ask us about our cybersecurity stack including email security, securing your network and infrastructure and some epic interactive cybersecurity training for your employees. 1300 002 001

Stay cyber safe out there!