5 Tips for secure customer data collection

Much of business centers on giving people what they want. This means understanding customers’ interests and needs by accumulating and organizing customer data. However, the methods you use to collect that data need to abide by data privacy laws. Breaching those laws can incur fines, penalties, and loss of reputation.

Top Cybersecurity Tips

October was Cybersecurity Awareness Month and these are some of the great tips we found to help to keep you safer when operating online.

Here they are:

Tip 1: Use strong passwords that mix 1etters, num3ers & $ymbols, spaces & random phrases, at least 12 characters

- 24 billion passwords were exposed by hackers in 2022
- More than 80% of breaches relate to stolen, lost or reused passwords

Tip 2: Check for updates regularly to patch security flaws amd fix crashes & bugs

Tip 3: Enable MFA (Multi-factor Authentication)

-Microsoft says 99.9% of password based threats can be prevented with MFA

Tip 4: Don't use public Wi-Fi - this can leave your personal information vulnerable

Tip 5: Implement an incident response plan to mitigate damage in the event of a breach

Tip 6: Safeguard your online presence, regularly review privacy settings.

The evolution of the human cloud workforce

The way we work has undergone a profound shift in recent years. The human cloud, a term gaining prominence in the business world, represents a dynamic and decentralized approach to talent acquisition and project management. Here's a closer look at the evolution of the human cloud workforce and how it's shaping the future of work.

An Exciting Announcement – ISO 27001

There are certain moments in a company’s history that one would define as momentous, and we just experienced one.

When you look for an IT Managed Services Provider one factor to consider, probably the most important, is trust.

When you meet someone for the first time, before you entrust them with any personal information, you usually get a sense for whether they are trustworthy.

Protect your cloud data with these simple steps

Individuals and businesses alike are increasingly relying on cloud services to store, access, and manage their data. While the convenience of cloud computing is undeniable, it comes with a set of security challenges. With cyberthreats constantly evolving and getting numerous, it’s more crucial than ever for users to stay ahead of the curve and ensure the safety of their cloud data.

Why HTTPS is essential for online security

Cybercriminals are relentless in coming up with new ways to steal our personal information and financial data. That's why it's more important than ever to take steps to protect ourselves online, and these steps include visiting websites that use HTTPS.
What is HTTPS?
When you visit a website, you may see a padlock icon in the address bar.

5 Technology Trends for Small Businesses

In the ever-evolving digital landscape we are all navigating, small businesses have more opportunities than ever. Many of these depend on utilising technology to their advantage. It enables them to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and best of all fuel growth.

How SaaS saves businesses money

Software is a key component of business IT. However, software-related expenses can quickly eat into your budget. Thankfully, there's a solution that can help cut costs without sacrificing efficiency: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).
What is SaaS?
In the past, users got software by buying a physical CD or downloading it from the internet.

The importance of IT security audits for businesses

With the increasing number of cyberthreats and attacks these days, it is essential for companies to take proactive measures to protect their sensitive data and information. One such measure is conducting regular IT security audits. In the following sections, we will discuss how IT security audits can boost your cybersecurity and help protect your business from cyberthreats.